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Men's Nutrients

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Pure Encapsulations Men's Nutrients | Multivitamin Supplement for men over 40 | Supports Prostate Health | 180 Capsules, 360 Ca... Read more Read more
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Pure Encapsulations Men's Nutrients | Multivitamin Supplement for men over 40 | Supports Prostate Health | 180 Capsules, 360 Capsules

Pure Encapsulations Men's Nutrients is a comprehensive and easy-to-take multivitamin and mineral complex specifically formulated for men over 40 to provide key vitamins and minerals that have been shown to improve prostate health and overall health. It will help you avoid the physical and mental decline that comes with aging and help maintain your energy, cognitive acuity, and stamina.

As we age, our bodies need more nutrients to function properly. However, multivitamins geared toward men under 40 are not formulated with the same ingredients as those targeted towards men over 40. As a result, many men's health issues go unnoticed and untreated as they're partly caused by a lack of effective nutrients. Men's Nutrients supplement is specially designed for men over 40. It isn't just an extra boost of vitamins and minerals, it's a comprehensive solution that ensures your body is healthy and energetic.

Pure Encapsulations offers this men's multivitamin formulation which contains activated vitamins and mineral chelates for optimal absorption. For prostate health, yeast-derived selenium, vitamin D, and zinc are recommended. 

There is a natural and universally metabolized form of folate known as Metafolin® or L-5-MTHF. The Macular Synergy Complex contains lutein and zeaxanthin to enhance retinal and macula health. There are a number of synergistic cofactors, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and carotenoids. Saw palmetto and pygeum extracts support prostate function in ProstaProtect Plus. Lycopene supports healthy prostate cells as well as green tea.

The Cardio Polyphenol Complex contributes to the healthy function of blood vessels. This product contains polyphenols from pomegranates, red wine concentrate, and grape seed extract.

The EnduraBoost Blend contains astragalus and maca to promote cellular energy, endurance, and stamina