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Baby Multi & DHA

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• Omega-3 DHA supports brain health.*• Vitamin D3 helps build strong bones and teeth.*• Vitamin C supports normal immune functi... Read more Read more
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• Omega-3 DHA supports brain health.

• Vitamin D3 helps build strong bones and teeth.

• Vitamin C supports normal immune function.

• Lutein supports eye health.

• Iodine supports normal cognitive development.

• Vitamin B6 supports energy production.

• Vitamin E, an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.

• Vitamin A supports eyesight.

• Thiamin supports normal growth and development.

• Riboflavin helps to maintain red blood cells.

• Niacin promotes healthy development.

• Choline supports cognitive development in infants.

• Selenium supports the thyroid.