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Adrenal Response Complete Care 90t

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Adrenal Response Complete Care 90 tabs Dietary Supplement

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90 tablets
Pantothenic acid, essential to coenzyme A (CoA) and acyl carrier protein (ACP) production, is used to manufacture adrenal hormones. Sensoril®, an ashwagandha extract, increases the body's resistance to stress, tension and irritability, increases energy and supports the adrenal gland's functions.* Non-glandular formula - suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians SOURCE; FOODSTATE® AMOUNT Vitamin C (Citrus sinensis*; 420 mg) 100 mg Pantothenate (S. cerevisiae*; 210 mg) 50 mg Magnesium (S. cerevisiae*; 800 mg) 40 mg ADDITIONAL FOODSTATE™ NUTRIENTS Phenolics (including Bioflavonoids from Citrus, Indian Gooseberry, OPC's and Blueberries) 100 mg OPC's 50 mg Potassium (S. cerevisiae*; 200 mg) 10 mg OPTIMIZED RESPONSE ORGANIC & KOSHER MUSHROOMS Reishi Antler Mushroom Purple Corn Optimized Biomass™ 150 mg Cordyceps Purple Corn Optimized Mycelial Biomass™ 150 mg BOTANICAL EXTRACTS Sensoril™1 Ashwagandha Root & Leaf Extract 8% withanolides (Withania somnifera) 200 mg Holy Basil Leaf (Ocimum sanctum) 10:1 100 mg Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus) 4:1 100 mg Cultivated American Ginseng Root (Panax quinquefolium) 4:1 100 mg Schizandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis) 4:1 100 mg AMINO ACID L-Serine 200 mg ADDITIONAL FOODS & EXTRACTS Wild Blueberries 7:1 150 mg Indian Gooseberry (Amla) 5:1 50 mg Seaweed Laminaria digitata & Ascophyllum nodosum 45 mg Carob Pod 25 mg Lycopene (from tomato) 5 mg
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Tablets Servings per Container 45 Calories 3 Total Fat 44 mg Total Carbohydrate 342 mg Dietary Fiber 58 mg Sugars 294 mg Protein 565 mg
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